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Artist statements.

Artist statements.
Mohd Nasir Baharuddin

My painting tries to discover a minimalist form-world of signs as distinct in shape and point as they are enigmatic in content. In addition the idea is to propose the language of visual systems and its content using geometrical rules and methodologies. Etiologically, the visual representation derived from a schematic nature and ordering of object that caused system of visual phenomena. The purpose is to structure the law of natural living systems through line and measurement as character and personal need of its own mysterious exploration. This exploration relating to the theory of living systems* in which the system of human will integrate or unified with the order of nature.
Living systems theory tells us that the world is comprised of systems nested within systems and that the relationship between the components of the whole is where meaning lies. Living and organism provides an eloquent visual narrative of the nested nature and universal structure that underlies life at both the sub-atomic and inter-galactic levels. We see firsthand that the distance between, and behaviour of, electrons at the sub-atomic levels in our body bears a striking resemblance to that of stars and planets in the universe.

The thought is inattentive to the values and great need for spirituality and scientific approach of visual interpretation. The mind has always been attracted to the mathematical sciences in accordance with the "abstract” character of the doctrine of Oneness which lies from the law of natural systems, where uniformity was the characteristic with regard to time and space. It is an exploration of natural physics in deference to the individuality of his need and creates spaces conducive to contemplation and silence using geometric forms, and natural materials. This is meant to invite you into a deeper and more peaceful relationship with yourself.
In accordance to living systems theory, it tells us that life’s natural tendency is to organize into ever greater levels of complexity—in networks, patterns and structures that emerge out of seeming chaos without external imposition or direction. The understanding gives implication to certain level of thinking and to all living systems organism and behaviour.
Living systems are open self-organizing
systems that have the special characteristics of life and interact with their environment. This takes place by means of information and material-energy exchanges. Living systems can be as simple as a single cell or as complex as a supranational organization. *(The term "Living systems" is popularized by James Grier Miller since the 1960s with his work on Living systems theory. Miller considers living systems as a subset of all systems.)
We ourselves are examples of ‘open systems’ as are most living organisms or groups of living organisms. Think about that for a moment—the creativity is in the chaos and order will almost always spontaneously emerge out of seeming disorder. The implications for artists are large; if chaos plays an essential role in the emergence of order, as artist we can begin to look at the seemingly chaotic context for our artistic problems with new eyes. Instead of seeing disorder, we can begin to observe how it came to be in order and look for natural patterns as basis for solutions. The point may be to recognize and work with this natural flow of emergence and to see any solution we create can resolved new solution– especially in a larger complex systems whose order and behaviour we are not trained to see or likely to understand.

1. Focus on living systems theory and a theory of etiology – the study how things occur, in the connections between mathematics and other disciplines. (The word is most commonly used in medical and philosophical theories, where it is used to refer to the study of why things occur, or even the reasons behind the way that things act, and is used in
philosophy, physics, psychology, government, medicine, theology and biology in reference to the causes of various phenomena.- sources from wikipedia encyclopedia).
Basically the methodologies derived or occur from the practice of traditional weaving mechanism by using order and calculation systems as an artistic expression. It is an extension of visual anthropological mysticism that transforming the natural systems into the world of digits in the contexts of visual epistemology and meaning. In other words, the process was adapted to the regional cultural representation, especially the fine art of weaving technology into contemporary practice. The process of weaving is being adapted in terms of how the processes of layering being build, where all single unit of calculation unified.
2. Reminiscent to Mario Botta architecture, in which Internal planning is developed with a grid and suggests a layering of planes that introduce the carefully framed views and long vistas into the interior. Carrying on the ideas of Albert Kahn, Mario Botta believes in the organization of the relationship between man and nature and the distinctive characterization of man in relationship to his own environment. For Botta, cultural traditions are important and his forms are derived from - but not copied from - "the environment as a testimony of history and memory".
In this case, basis measurement was applied. The method of measurement is built from a character that is formed by digit and line of a square, possibility into rounded and oblong shape. A character of a line is observed as something tangible or as a ‘visible face’ for an act of mapping and building an illusion. The intention is not to form a surface as a surface itself, but the surface was sculptured and placing it as the ‘object of visible’ through its layering shapes and grids. The ‘face of a line’ is a wave that not only a character of change but explorations into specific investigation of the very nature of changes itself.

The study shown the natural and living systems was constructed based from an abstraction of calculation and matrix of knowledge as a visual phenomenon or object. Derived from etiology theory, - (how things was occurred) in which ‘the history of object’ was derived, (in a visual language, for example such as the form of line) is taken as the component for the formation of ‘neurosis’. A psychological approach and study about human anxiety and eccentricity, imagination and reality and between conscious and subconscious phenomenon.
So the result of the analysis indicates the process of natural and living systems - the self organizing systems, consists of nature abstraction that transform into basis knowledge and law of existence to all the visual phenomena and human creation.

Based from the process of natural and living systems, the thought being develop into a new framework of interpretation.
When a framework has been formed, it is not anymore a developmental process – which is very historical in its argument – but more towards the process of repetition – where the idea of repetition is emphasising the formation of oneness and the subject of ‘important’. For me this is more focused and ‘not permanent’. It is not about changing and moving things, where the processes quite historic, but it is more repetitive and moving. To me the nature of repetitive is the concept of changing itself, and is a belief towards a structure where the formation of thought was originated from an appearance that is intended to be presented. It is about ‘something’ and mystical. Whether a particular framework is originated from a form of digit or a form of measurement, as scheme or dimension, everything is an object of mapping itself. In other words, it is a formation matrix of knowledge as the ‘basic law of knowledge’.

As a result the works was executed by applying basic unit of calculation systems in forming the image of square into a square. The square reacts as a foreground and physical space within 2 dimensional connotations. Reflecting the tangible and visible formation and yet build the imaginary of void and flat yet repetitive in execution. The action of repetitive is to recite visually according time and space in order to shaping logic of composition within its physical properties. With this visual formula it’s hoping to suggest a new methodological of forming things by looking natural law and living systems as unit of object and the creation of existence.

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