Thursday, December 4, 2008

in Bali at kecak dance.


  1. i remembered about what we talked about - perception. it's true, same location, but different angles can give different perception, based on the background of the one seeing it. if perception is only judged by the eyes, it doesn't really convey the true meaning of 'perception'.

    sib baik tuka topik :)

  2. yeah! for instance when i first hear about a blog called "ViSuaL Crackers"!! i can imagine the good sense of crunching those heavenly yummy crackers which generously wont make u swollen as much as u wish to swallow!
    Can I have some more?!
    Js kiddin!

  3. a.Jasmin
    well its right. perception based from what u perceived. it is an experienced about self and others. all the info/datas will be computerized by the brain and delivered through meaning. meaning will be the subject of discussion and expression of language.