Thursday, April 15, 2010

FINAL YR. 2010. Creative arts UNIMAS Sarawak.

This year, students performed an explorative integration of new media which engaged in new social process such as the question of self, the evolution of the internet and the deconstruction of the art world.
Art’s affair with technology has led to more than a marriage of materiality, and more than the augmentation of intelligence that high-speed computing power and ubiquitous networks bring to the human condition. The significant outcomes are as much spiritual as biological or social. In this reconfiguration, the idea of art practice has been shifted and we are engaged in a new social process. And as a consequence of the convergence of computers, communications, and biotechnologies, which is leading to the reinvention of the self, the transformation of the body, and relooking perception as ‘bionic’ that informs the highly diversified field of technology-based art.


  1. wahhh!!! kteorg da ada dlm blog en.nasir:).. thanks

  2. sebagai perangsang dan motivasi kepada yg lain. harap anda terus berjaya dgn cita-cita.