Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the impression of an impressionist

zainal and his wife

a day with zainal, the artist. he whispers about life and light of the green. appreciating monet's and turner's great master piece. enjoying the lovely space of an environment that he had struggle before. life's make him to learn and understand the meaning of happiness, and the impression is a way to talk how the world suppose to be. zainal's impressed the moment he has now. the moment where he feels the whole world is an energy and coming back to a reality.


  1. yes...he paints like the birds singing, this friend of ours. Hey bro, bila nak berfacebook pulak? Sudah geger di fb tu...

  2. fb dah ada. atas nama naser baharuden. cuba belek brooo..

  3. My wife likes the shots you took especially the first piece. Saya kata, kalau artist mai ambik gambar, lain cara dia tengok.