Thursday, April 7, 2011

Inner-Scape. An Exhibition of BICARA SIFU. An installation at petronas gallery. Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia

Title : Inner-Scape

Medium : 7000 Plasticized transparencies + Water + Colour Chemical + fluorescent light. Size : (Free Size Installation) Year : 2011


The ‘inner-scape’ is a proposal about combining the interior and landscape design within architectural space composition. It tries to reinvent how the revolution of materials as a new element of presenting and defining interior and landscape spaces into new method of design formation. Created to avoid the conventional definition in perceiving landscape and interior design into constructive methodology, where the revolution of materials becomes a dialogue in processing the design approach and presentation.


This installation designed to reflect upon the role architecture plays in contemporary society and its relationship within gallery spatial or private spaces. The work conveys an ephemeral event installation by way of new techniques and approaches, which ambiguously projecting what can and can’t be done. The space that accommodates the installation is seen as a flexible spatial surface and the location are thus transformed into a laboratory for spatial experimentation. The used of materials such as lighting devices, plastic transparencies, form and colors formation as a language to opens up the possibilities for interaction and participation into unexpected visual attraction and surprises.

It creates the possibility in transform the work into visual formation of language. About how the idea of presenting and delivering the role of installation as architecture plays for ‘space composition’, invading between space decoration and space interaction. Plastic transparencies that become bricks were arranged with a calculative and programmable setting that can grow and stretch itself to the infinite. It suggests reinventing, readapting and becoming smaller or larger size of formation based how the space being introduced and reconfigured according to what’s most pleasing they are.


  1. Congratulations brader! Cuma nak tanya sikit - macamana tajuk pameran boleh jadi Bicara Sifu? Bicara Sifu? Harharhar.... seronok kawe mendengarnya!

  2. tahniah buat semua!. harap perkara ini dapat membuka paradigma baru dalam penghasilan karya.

  3. entah lah tuan tsabri, teman pun tak tahu berkenaan hal sedemikian...tu urusan pihak galeri petronas....nak buat cam mana..

  4. untuk fab, ini adalh langkah awal kepada penerokaan baru yg kau boleh jadikan sandaran. terutama terhadap dari penemuan kajian kau.

  5. hebat, teruja tengok ni...

  6. terimasih, harap boleh datang ke galeri petronas