Thursday, February 19, 2009

ergonomic application - a chair design

the intention of this exercise is to incoorporating the idea of human proportion with the stability of the work. students will experimenting the best way in applying the concept of dimension, embodying the anatomic and physiologic that maximum comfort, efficiency, safety, and ease of use.


  1. You sure do enjoy your works and life man... Hope we can sit down for coffee someday, miss your usual straight and brute comment on the current Malaysian art scene.

  2. hai brother
    so far so good...different situation with different environment. a cup of coffee make a day bright and sure the criticism will be the pltaform for thought provoking.

    malaysian art scene is dying......dying in term of direction. how do you think?

  3. Mr Nasyo,
    The art reflects its people.
    Can you see the current situation of our country now?;well,that is how our art is. Its alive alright, but kicking for a wrong reason
    Keep up the good work bro, tak payah lah jadi 'penderhaka' seni,we need you on the 'pejuang' side.

  4. well bro, now youre talking. nice to hear that. its cool. youre saying that The art reflects its people. a lot of interpretation about that. by the way your statement regarding the current situation of our country based on what? it is because of art alive?