Tuesday, March 10, 2009

capturing zahir's mosque, Kedah.Malaysia

A day at zahir mosque. beautiful and holistic architectural representational. a dynamic perspective convention. and spatial interaction, visibly and invisibly, as rudolf arnheim says : the world of images does not simply imprint itself upon a faithfully sensitive organ. Rather, in looking at an object, we reach out for it. with an invisible finger we move through space around us, go out to distanct places where things are found, touch them, catch them, scan their surfaces, trace their borders, explore their texture. it is an eminently active occupation


  1. saya penah tengok masjid ni di aloq setaq...memang cun tambah2 waktu malam...anyway good captured bro...

  2. terima kasih annaloq kerana melayari blog ini, mungkin bisa di bawa bicara kepada pandangan yang lebih penting dalam menambah pengetahuan bersama.

  3. assalamualikum master nasyior,,how are you sir? all is well i hope,,come accross your blog when visited lenon's blog,,hope you dont mind i am dropping by,,just to say hello bertahung tahung tahung ambe dok juppa ngang mung,,dok ingak doh ambe bila last we speak,,anyway all the best will drop by again if that is ok with you sir,,untill nxt time cheeriiooo (jing)